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March 17, 2014
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HAM Japan Team...Sprocket? by lillilotus HAM Japan Team...Sprocket? by lillilotus
'Here comes trouble! Make it double! Here to take over the world, buu! Team...Sprocket...?! Really? We're going with that? O.o '

So, hello! ^_^ I've been away for a long while, and I'm gonna be working really hard on my art exam work, so I still won't be back on for a little while ^^; But I'm hoping that I can still get some stuff done, because I'm actually burning through my work really quickly (must be because I'm enjoying the project ^^; ) I also has a really busy weekend last week, so I've not had time to write anything, but I'll try to get a journal up ^^;

It never occurred to me before, but HAM Japan's Pugz, Nikku, and Team Rocket perfectly! Even down to the cross-dressing that James and Nikku do :XD: (note; he was Miss Cloud once, but it's no longer surprising for me to draw Nikku in a dress - damn amusing though X3 ) When it occurred to me to draw them as Team Rocket, I was determined to make it happen! Nikku was nearly Jesse

Drawing Hamja as Meowth was really fun, and I enjoyed transferring his design over into a girls outfit ^_^ She looks quite good in yellow - not as good as pink, but yellow is good too ^^; The poses for Pugz and Nikku were interesting - I didn't know if Pugz' was too girly and out-of-character, but I reckon she'd be ok pulling that pose if I asked her nicely ^^; Nikku's.......I really struggled to come up with anything marginally masculine :XD: So I decided that he could pull the same pose as Ichigo in 'Tokyo Mew Mew' (just imagine him saying 'Mew mew style, mew mew grace! Mew mew power in your face!' - done it? Good! >:3 )

I really enjoyed drawing this, and I really missed drawing Chibis, and especially Hamja, while working on my exam coursework! *hugs Hamja* I promise I won't leave you again~! :heart:

Art copyright to me!
Hamja copyright to myself and :iconhamjapanuk:
Team Rocket and Meowth copyright to Pokémon!

(note: Team Sprocket was the spoof name we came up with ^^;
V1EWT1FUL Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awwwwwww how cute
lillilotus Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Student General Artist
Aww thank you~ ^.^ Thanks for the fave too!
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